Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission

Vision of the our College

1.Most of the reading in this college are from rural backgrounds and from poor families and most of them are schedule area. 
2.We aspire to emerge as an institute of excellence with a difference wherein we develop intellectual, emotional, cultural, moral, ethical and entrepreneurial values in students by imparting higher learning and value based education in line with global standards so that the whole society is benefited and uplifted
3.To provide excellent quality education to the students around the state.
4.To provide a vibrant caring educational environment where the students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential so that they can make contribution to the society.
5.To equip the students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values in their minds to become good human being.

Mission of the our College

1.The Mission statement of College has been "To endow cost effective higher education of eminence and value oriented erudition to girl and boys students, maintain excellent academic standards by utilizing modern tools & technologies for effective teaching-learning processes,
2.Improving the standard of courses offered through innovative and effective teaching and curriculum development, to provide a conducive environment for research activities.
3.Conduct appropriate community education programme to encourage meaningful learning that enhances the socio-economic status of the learners.
4.Various committees are established in College for several Institutional affairs like Student Admission, Academic Time Table, Student Examination, Purchase, Extension Activities and Student Welfare.
5.Organize programmes to develop leadership and managerial skills among the students and develop student support system.

Goals & Objectives of our College

1.To achieve academic excellence.
2.To compete them at national and international level in all areas of life.
3.To develop leadership qualities, to develop all round personalities of the students.
4.To provide orientation to students towards studies and further research.
5.To promote the faculty towards quality research and examination.