The library is an important role of educationalcentre of the college. The college has an excellent centre of the college. Thecollege has an excellent central library posses a wide collection of books andsubscribes various journals to centre the academic needs of the students andfacilities.

                                                                   The library has established in 1989 withestablished of college and with small collection of books. The college libraryof academic books, Journals, Magazines, Research projects, other knowledgeablebooks and newspaper, are kept. The the library of college has been wellequipped with the latest information technologies and web based information.The library has provide various online facilities e-books, and e- journalssearch, strategies, opea internet browsing and it is well connected throughLAN/BSNL leased line, The library is linked with NLIST consortiums for onlinebooks and journals, The library maintenance around more than 40 thousandsbooks, reference  books journals audio-visual and e-resources,

                                                Higher Educationdepartment of Chhattisgarh government supported for its infrastructuredevelopment and provide other facilities,