Alumni Association

The alumni association has formed on22.07.2017 in the college and its registration process of the alumniassociation is under process at society firm office Bilaspur.  First step for the registration  of the alumni is as a    e-Challan vide ref. 66110622001961/132 DA Date22-july-2022 Govt. Of Chhattisgarh has successfully processed with RS 5000/-  (Fivethousand Rs. Only). In this association many distinguished honourable personsare engaged together for the upliftment of the students. The association has anExecutive committee and this committee has a standing rules and regulation by laws.The association decided to take meeting at least once in the year. All of themagreed to help the institution by giving the both financial and non financialitem. Valuable suggestions are welcomed for the betterment of the college.

Alumni Association is formed and registrationof the Alumni Association is a under process from registration firm.

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